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Mount Nemo
Quarry Park Burlington
Creating Burlington's Largest Park

The owner and operators of Nelson Quarry plan to close the facility in about 30 years. We are asking the City of Burlington, the Region of Halton, and our neighbours, to help create the largest park in Burlington, the nearly 1000-acre Mount Nemo City Park.


Over the next 30 years, we intend to expand the quarry operations into adjacent properties that we already own. During that same time, we propose to donate the land we are no longer using to the public.  


Over that same period, year-by-year, parcel-by-parcel, we will transfer ownership of all the land to the public for recreational purposes.


What will the park look like?


It would be more than twice the size of High Park in Toronto, and could have dozens of uses, from rock climbing to beaches. We have some ideas you'll see here.


As the long-time owners and operators of this land, we’ve come to know just how special a place this … and what it could become


We’d really appreciate hearing what you'd like to see.


Mount Nemo, Burlington

A UNESCO World Heritage Site

Located atop the Niagara escarpment in the Northern Burlington countryside, Mount Nemo offers breathtaking views of Burlington and the shores of Lake Ontario.

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Mount Nemo
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