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Phase One

Immediately after plan approval, we would transfer 119 acres of woodland and wetlands to the public. 


The area to the southeast of the quarry offers opportunities for trails, birdwatching and recreational activities.

Phase 2A


This nearly 77-acre parcel of land to the south of the quarry will be transferred to the public about 10 years after approval of our continued operations. Its large lake could form the basis of a sandy beach that permits many watersports. It could also include significant natural woodlands and wetlands.

Phase 2B

Ten years after approval, we will transfer the third piece of property to the public. The 143-acre parcel is located to the east of our current operations. It has the potential for trails, swimming, fishing, canoeing and other watersports.

Phase 3

The final piece of land in the heart of the current quarry comprises 605 acres. It has the potential for 10km of trails, rock climbing, tobogganing, an amphitheatre and more. Once donated, it becomes the keystone piece in Burlington's largest park.

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