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Nelson Quarry Application Deemed “Complete” By City and Region

Proposal Moves to Next Phase of Review Process

BURLINGTON, ON (July 22, 2020) – Nelson Quarry is pleased to announce its application for the expansion of its Burlington Quarry and subsequent park has been deemed “complete” by the City of Burlington and the Region of Halton.

“The best experts in their fields spent two years preparing this application and ensuring it met or exceeded all standards,” said Nelson President Quinn Moyer. “We are pleased the Region and the City have determined the 5,000-page application is comprehensive and will move to the formal review stage.”

As part of the application, 19 independent studies examining the expansion’s potential impact on all aspects of the environment, from water to noise, conclude it would meet all provincial standards and have no adverse environmental impact.

“This quarry has played an important role as Burlington’s main source of local gravel for more than 50 years,” said Quinn Moyer, President of Nelson Aggregates. “Expanding the quarry will help Burlington and Halton meet their growing needs for roads, homes and schools in an environmentally sustainable manner.”

The studies concluded “the proposed Burlington Quarry Extension is located where policy anticipates extraction to occur; appropriately balances economic, environmental and social considerations; and represents good planning taking into account provincial, regional and municipal planning policies.”

“This is a legacy project,” said Moyer, “one that will help Burlington and Halton grow sustainably over the next generation, and then give future generations the environmental and health benefits of a large urban park.”

The proposed park would be 5.7 times larger than Burlington’s City View Park, and would be donated to the public in stages following approval. The size and scale of the park would allow for abundant recreational opportunities, from biking and swimming to rock climbing and soccer.

The process for quarry expansion applications is laid out in the Aggregate Resources of Ontario Act, Provincial Standards. The Provincial Standards contain a set of standard application criteria for licence and aggregate permits.

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